POCare Technology

Streamlining Cell Therapy Production

We work with partners to build customized, automated processing systems that work at the point of care to streamline cell therapy production. We take a stepwise approach to building easy to scale, GMP-compliant solutions to:

  • Lower costs of production
  • Increase quality control (QC) and harmonization
  • Minimize logistical challenges and streamline staffing needs
  • Clean room alternatives that deliver results
  • Deliver high-margin, scalable clean room alternatives

Scalable Solutions for Commercialization

Our goal is to overcome traditional manufacturing and logistics challenges and reduce costs and logistics by enabling onsite production of advanced therapies.

Systems are validated for each therapy to intensify production. Each system is a high margin and easily scalable solution for commercial therapy production.

Commercializing Therapies via Innovation

Traditionally, getting cell-based therapies to the patients who need them is a complex, expensive challenge. We are working to overcome these challenges with a unique POCare Platform.